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The Haus am Strom has been the environmental education institution in the district of Passau for almost 20 years and is active in the entire southeast Bavarian region. In the last two decades we have brought hundreds of thousands of people closer to nature and the environment with much joy and commitment. And we have many more project and event ideas with which we want to inspire people for our nature and environmental protection in the future. And for this we need your support!

We say thank you very much!

Of course you will receive a donation receipt from the non-profit GmbH. The prerequisite is that you have entered your address in the form.

If you would like to donate, you have many possibilities to help us!

The most effective way to help us is to entrust us with your donation without earmarking. This allows us to be flexible and to use your donation where it is needed at the moment. We guarantee that every donation will be used responsibly. However, in case you would like to donate for a specific purpose, you can donate for our educational events, for the interactive exhibition, for nature conservation work or for other given projects. For example, you can sponsor a guided tour for a specific group – talk to us.

Bank transfer

House at the river

Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft zum Betrieb des Zentrums für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften Haus am Strom Passau-Jochenstein-Engelhartszell mbH (Non-Profit Society for the Operation of the Centre for Sustainable Economic Activity)

Raiffeisenbank in the Southern Bavarian Forest e.G.

IBAN: DE96 7406 6749 0002 5180 23


online donation

The processing of an online donation via the button “Donate now” will be handled by our partner free of charge. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that will be shown as the payment recipient on the bank statement for your donation and that the donation receipt will be issued by You will also receive a confirmation email from confirming your online donation. The amount donated by you via the Helpdirect service will be donated 100% without deduction to the Haus am Strom. Alternatively, you can donate a “tip” to helpdirect in the donation form. Your data will be protected with an SSL certificate.
We thank for the cooperation and you for your donation!

Credit Card / Direct Debit / Paypal

This service is made available to us free of charge by our partner “Helpdirect charitable foundation”. To donate, please click on “Donate” on the page of our partner Helpdirect. The amount you donate via the Helpdirect service will be donated 100% without deduction to the Haus am Strom. You will receive the donation receipt directly from Helpdirect.

Donate while shopping online

If you like shopping online, you can support charitable institutions. You can shop in over 1600 online shops worldwide at no extra cost and these shops then give a premium. The Haus am Strom is also listed at Helpshops and amazon-smile. Simply register there, select Haus am Strom and buy the desired product.

Help with money requirements

It is not only in the case of offences in the area of nature conservation and environmental protection that the allocation of money obligations by courts and public prosecutors’ offices to the Haus am Strom is an obvious option. These are very valuable for our environmental station!

Donations in kind

In addition to monetary donations, we could also need donations in kind such as environmentally friendly give-aways, pet food, … and other items depending on current needs. Sometimes it could be an office cupboard, sometimes flower pots. Please understand, however, that you must clarify with us beforehand whether we have a need for the goods in question. We will then gladly issue a donation receipt for the equivalent value of the donations in kind.