Blick vom EbensteinDie Entstehung des Donautals hängt eng mit der Geologie zusammen, die heute zu dem ganz besonderen Klimaten im Donautal führen.

Origin of the Danube valley

The elevation of the so-called Bohemian mass began 17-18 million years ago in the Tertiary. At the end of the Tertiary, about 3 million years ago, the Danube found its present bed and followed a tectonic fault, i.e. a rupture edge.

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Geology in the Bavarian Forest and the Danube Valley

The history of the Danube valley begins with the elevation of the Bohemian mass 17-18 million years ago in the Tertiary period. Already in the early history of the earth …

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Climate in the Danube Valley

The Danube valley between Passau and Linz breaks through the Bohemian Massif, which as a foothills of the Bavarian Forest and the Sauwald Forest creates a harsh low mountain climate.

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