Messengers for the biodiversity in lower Bavaria

The Lower Bavarian actors of environmental education had often carried out projects together on a common topic before and also for the year 2019 this was planned again. At the Round Table in spring 2018, for example, agreement was reached on the issue of biodiversity. One year later, biodiversity was one of the hot topics in Bavaria.

The conditions in Lower Bavaria are very different – from the equipment of natural areas, species and the institutions that contributed to the project. This was taken into account, so that each of them worked on a different thematic focus:

  • Environmental Station Haus am Strom à Danube valley, coordination
  • Environmental Station Wiesenfelden à garden
  • Environmental Station Windberg Youth Education Centre à Further training for (environmental) educators
  • Environmental Station Border Station Eisenstein à bats
  • Environmental Station Landshut à Isar Valley
  • European Reserve Lower Inn à migratory birds
  • Nature conservation authority Dingolfing Landau à moist meadows
  • Initiative Nah-türlich à low-lime turf

In addition to the overarching topic, the actors were also connected by the fact that they presented their activities in two joint teacher training courses. In addition, each institution selected a “lighthouse event”, which was advertised by the other institutions in annual programmes and other media. The range of target groups was immense and reflected the different actors. But at all events the aim was that the participants not only consume environmental education, but become active and imbue other people with enthusiasm and knowledge. When the participants got to know the importance of biodiversity for the respective region and Lower Bavaria in a corresponding event, they were relatively subliminally motivated to become active themselves with a certificate as “ambassadors of biodiversity”.


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